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Surah Kahf

Asalamualaikum. (No. I shant tire of saying this. I’m not going to miss out on the reward!)

For this week’s post (which I happen to be doing on a Friday rather than two days before), I figured talking about the significance of Surah Kahf would be appropriate.

There are many Ahadith which talk about the virtue of reciting or memorizing all or part of this Surah, and especially so on a Friday:

*It’s general quality of bringing contentment-

Imam Ahmad recorded that Al-Bara’ said: “A man recited Al-Kahf and there was an animal in the house which began acting in a nervous manner. He looked, and saw a fog or cloud overhead. He mentioned this to the Prophet , who said:

«اقْرَأْ فُلَانُ، فَإِنَّهَا السَّكِينَةُ تَنْزِلُ عِنْدَ الْقُرْآنِ أَوْ تَنَزَّلَتْ لِلْقُرْآن»

“Keep on reciting so and so, for this is the tranquillity which descends when one reads Qur’an or because of reading Qur’an.”

This was also recorded in the Two Sahihs. <This man who recited it was Usayd bin Al-Hudayr>

*Illuminates you from one Friday to the next-

In his Mustadrak, Al-Hakim recorded from Abu Sa`id that the Prophet said:

«مَنْ قَرَأَ سُورَةَ الْكَهْفِ فِي يَوْمِ الْجُمُعَةِ أَضَاءَ لَهُ مِنَ النُّورِ مَا بَيْنَهُ وَبَيْنَ الْجُمُعَتَيْن»

“Whoever recites Surat Al-Kahf on Friday, it will illuminate him with light from one Friday to the next.”

Then he said: “This Hadith has a Sahih chain, but they (Al-Bukhari and Muslim) did not record it.

*Protects you from the fitnah of Al-Dajjal (The Anti-Christ)-

Imam Ahmad recorded from Abu Ad-Darda’ that the Prophet said:

«مَنْ حَفِظَ عَشْرَ آيَاتٍ مِنْ أَوَّلِ سُورَةِ الْكَهْفِ عُصِمَ مِنَ الدَّجَّال»

“Whoever memorizes ten Ayat from the beginning of Surat Al-Kahf will be protected from the Dajjal.” This was also recorded by Muslim.


In reference to the hadith just mentioned, there was a presentation which I was sent that explained the connection of the Surah to the emergence of Al-Dajjal and as to why it helps….I thought I would share this with you…

Explanation of Soorat Al-Kahf

That’s all for today.

Do read Surah Kahf and be…illuminated!