My Poetry

These are some of the poem’s I’ve written……

Pardon and Overlook

One day, one night, I challenge you,
To count all the wrongs you’ve done.
Then count all wrongs done to you,
And I can promise you or anyone
That more wrongs came from you.

But was every sin of yours repaid
Its consequence in full?
Or did the guilt trip quickly fade
As you perceived injustice rightful?

Yet Allah forgives us our mistakes
Even those we can’t remember.
With every error a man makes
He’s Al-Ghafoor, the All Forgiver.

What happens, though, when we are touched
With the slightest bit of hurt?
Our hearts are shaken, Our mouths unlatched
With a loud outrageous outburst.

Are we always ready to forgive?
Do we keep our hearts’ doors open?
Or do we pressure others to give in?
Do we curse and yell, or listen?

And then when we’ve pardoned
Has its memory wiped clean?
Or do we forgive as a favor
In a manner so obscene?

And when those pardoned actions
Are followed by another,
Do we recall and blurt past sins
One after the other?

But Allah loves the Muhsineen,
Ones who do utmost good.
Not those who in revenge are keen,
But who pardon and overlook.

Allah is Most Tolerant, Al-Haleem.
Of sins we cannot count.
Are we more respected than Ar-Raheem,
To call others to account?

So fear Allah and think perhaps
Each wrong of theirs you hide thats true
Maybe Allah, with all His mercy,
Will do the same for you.


The waves in the beautiful sea

If you’ve ever looked to the sea
And witnessed it’s silent beauty
Then you watched the tide come in
The once silent waves, raging

But eventually all becomes still
The waves at peace and tranquil
Allah will bring all back to tranquility
Just like the waves in the beautiful sea

Your good actions turn to disaster
Your emotions in a cluster
Nothing takes your mind off your troubles
Even in your sleep you toss and tumble

But you just put your trust in Allah
Wastaeenu Bis Sabri was Salah
Because Allah will bring all back to tranquility
Just like the waves in the beautiful sea

Sometimes you’re striving in the right
With all your devotion and might
But the world turns its back on you
The ones who understand are far and few

But remember all creation, seen or unseen
They are with you as you praise Rabbal Alameen
And Allah will bring all back to tranquility
Just like the waves in the beautiful sea

Allah tests those whom He loves.
Difficulty and trial are all from above
And for a believer, all is good in every situation
Rewarded for his Shukr, and in hardship his Patience

So make Allah your Wali
Turn to Him and you’ll see,
That Allah will bring all back to tranquility
Just like the waves in the beautiful sea.

(for my dearest mummy  )

When We’re Apart

Sometimes when loved ones are so far away,
It tends to be difficult to get through the day.
Our moods always go up and down with the tide,
And at times you feel hollow or like jelly inside.

Though I know that Allah tests my patience this way,
I still end up saying things I don’t mean to say.
Sometimes I forget all the blessings I have,
Finding no reason to smile or laugh.

But just think how fortunate are you and me,
That we each have each other to love dearly.
And I know we’re apart but get this:
You actually have someone so dear to miss!

So now I’d like a favor-please don’t mind!
But I would like that you be forgiving and kind,
When I’m being emotional and not quite so smart,
And I say or I do things that may break your heart.

Allah, the Perfect, is GhaffururRaheem.
And I am so flawed- ungrateful and  mean.
So we should all keep in mind.. that this is a test.
And that Allah knows what is for us best.

Allah would never put in our share
A burden that we are unable to bear.
Oh! And remember there’s lots to smile about!
I’m happy Allah gave me you to love – no doubt!



After a long day she comes back home.
It doesn’t matter that she’s all alone,
Because like every day she snags the remote,
Watches TV, and hears a few notes.

After hours of homework, she’ll lapse for a break.
Then, attacks the kitchen for crazy food intake.
The Athan goes off but she doesn’t give a dime,
‘Cause she thinks its fine just to catch it in the end time.

After finishing her work she gives her pal a ring.
They spend endless hours just talking and laughing.
And as she dozes at night, it doesn’t cross her mind
That everything may not always be fine.

Because what if one day you wake paralyzed.
What if a bandit came and shot out your eyes.
What if today, we find life so amusive
And tomorrow we find we have just one day to live.

Allah is All-Able to take your eyesight away,
So shut off the screens and lower your gaze.
And before it is so that you never hear another song,
Turn off the radio and reflect on the Quran.

How can I explain to you, Oh youth of today!
That you really won’t care on Judgment Day
Of all the things that you make be
The end of the world for you and me.

We will look back that day upon the Earth
Seeing our lives as just a morning’s worth.
So it is worth it to spend that hour or two
In following desires and achieving eternal doom?

How much is your life compared to eternity?
Why can’t we spare it for Allah Almighty?

So I pray that the teens of this era go far
And for the next generation, I make sincere dua:

May your eyes always be so innocent
May your lips always move in remembrance
And so long as you are in this dunya living,
May Allah always save you from sin.




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